Behind The Designer With Amanda Thomas

Behind The Designer With Amanda Thomas

By Hannah Rosati

Behind The Designer With Amanda Thomas

How do you create a collection? What is your process?


I actually design a year in advance- which is crazy because I have to attempt to predict what’s going to be cool a year from now! But my process usually starts with a mix of pulling inspiration photos and also looking at sales analytics to figure out what styles are selling well for us. I try to make sure our collections are well rounded- with some edgier styles that are more editorial, and then some simpler pieces that will work for anyone.


Where does your inspiration come from?


This sounds silly but I honestly just try to make jewelry that I would wear myself. Sometimes if I try to design based on a trend or what I think will sell (but I wouldn’t necessarily wear), it never is as popular. So I just stick to making pieces that I feel like I can’t live without.


What are you doing to be socially better? Do you have any initiatives to help reduce your impact on the environment or support your communities?


We have reduced our packaging sizes by 50% which amazing- so we are wasting less materials to ship packages. And everything is made from paper so it’s more eco friendly than plastic. Just making little changes where you can helps, because over time it can really add up.


How are you going in lockdown; keeping busy, working with your team and keeping creative from home?


Busier than ever which is crazy! I’m seeing a big spike online with sales, particularly with earrings under $60. I think girls still want to shop and participate in some retail therapy in this stressful time, and the price point makes it a guilt-free purchase which is key.


Creatively speaking, I have taken alot of time to design our 2021 collections. It’s been nice having more quiet time to make sure everything we’re making is FIRE, versus feeling like I am scrambling for a deadline usually.


What is your biggest challenge at the moment?


Everyone working remotely is tricky- everything just takes three times as long and it’s alot more work logistically. So that has been challenging but we are navigating it the best we can!


What are you learning from the current stillness around lockdown?


I’m just reminding myself how grateful I am to be healthy, WORKING, and get to hang with my amazing husband all time :) He is also my in-house chef which is pretty nice.


Where do you see the fashion industry moving post-COVID? How is this going to impact your brand and the way you create, market & sell?


I feel a shift from luxury items to more casual wear. I can just see that smaller hoops and huggies are selling WAY better than statement earrings for us in particular. And I think people are also wanting to see more organic marketing content that is appropriate for what we’re all going through. I have been working with alot more influencers at home to create content for us since we haven’t been able to do our usual photoshoots regularly.


What kind of positive changes to you see coming from this pandemic?


Just a sense of slowing down more and appreciating what we have. I feel like the industry is just ‘GO GO GO!’ and this time has proven that we can get everything done, and still be able to take time to just chill and relax and reflect.


What are you most excited to get back to once things start to move towards the new normal?


I’m DYING to get my nails done! I also can’t wait to go back to my favorite cardio class (Burn 60) and brunch at my fav spot- Farmshop. Crossing my fingers it will be sooner rather than later :)